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It's our pleasure to invite you for the 1st Tech Series Forum Workshop in Mumbai on

"Software Defined...Everything"

Software-defined has become the most clichéd term in the technology circles. It started with virtualization and is poised to take over almost every sphere of enterprise IT.

You’ve seen, read and may even be evaluating Software defined networking (SDN), Software defined storage (SDS) or Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). Expectedly, there’s information overload, and predictably, a lot of confusion. The risk of missing the bus on new technologies could mean potentially giving up on business efficiencies. The flip side would be investing millions on an evolving technology only to be left holding a lemon few months down the line.

This is the dilemma staring IT executives in the face today. Fortunately, the technologies have evolved to a state where now there are tangible business benefits for the taking. Join us for perspective from one of the experts at the forefront of real world deployments of these technologies. It’s a capsule sized a session designed to present a clearer picture of your soon-to-be Software Defined world.

ShrirangaShriranga Mulay
Senior Vice President -
Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company)

Shriranga is the Senior Vice President – IT Engineering at Netmagic, an NTT Communications Company.

Shriranga Mulay is in-charge of improving existing technology service offerings, identifying and building new services based on next-generation technologies and heads a 50+ member team based across India. Currently, he is working on implementing a new infrastructure monitoring and management platform as well as SDN (Software Defined Network). He has been the chief architect of Netmagic's cloud services platform creating the public cloud architecture in-house for maximum efficiency with minimal cost of operations.

Shriranga Mulay has spent 13+ of his total 28+ years of experience at Netmagic. Prior to this, he has shouldered responsibilities at Datapro Electronics, Datapro Information Technology, and a brief entrepreneurial stint. At Datapro, he played a key role in overseeing the company through the Y2K transition, and rewrote the company’s own x400 to SMTP gateway code.

His core strengths lie in systems engineering and has expertise in infrastructure designing and commercialization of new technologies, thus spearheading the roll out of new services at Netmagic.

When not romancing with technology, Shriranga is passionate about retro music of the 70’s and 80’s especially those of RD Burman. He is also a keen cricket and soccer enthusiast.

Program Schedule

Friday, July 15th,2016 - 09:30 AM- 17:30 PM


5th Floor, A Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex, Senapati Bapat Toad Pune,India